We create e-Learning platforms

So your students or employees can study and share knowledge from home

Who we are

We are a group of developers, content managers, and analysts. Started as outsourcers we focused on creating e-learning platforms

What we do

We create, manage and support e-Learning platforms for all kinds of companies, governments, schools, and universities.

Our mission

We will help, guide and support you as much as we can on every stage of content creation and management. Your success is our pleasure

Our prices

We have very flexible prices depending on level of customizing and additional work. And we will always come towards you and find perfect solution

For schools

Tutor and exam your students

For companies

Share knowledge and experience

For trainers

Sell your courses

1. Defining your needs

2. Customizing platform

3. Deploying on server

4. Content management

5. Support and analysis

6. Scaling success